8 Types of Men's Dress Shoes in Singapore You Should Know

8 Types of Men's Dress Shoes in Singapore You Should Know

February 27, 2023 Blog

Any look may be transformed from plain to classy with the correct shoes. Men’s dress shoes in Singapore provide style to every ensemble, whether it is casual or formal. The best men’s dress shoes in Singapore combine style and functionality.

Everyone aspires to walk with confidence and in their best footwear, but not everyone knows how. A fashion faux pas would not be appropriate for a formal function. Even worse, you wouldn't want to spend loads of money on a pair of shoes from the priciest apparel line just to have them become outdated in a few seasons.

Different shoe designs go with various clothing and events. Some shoes are only appropriate for formal occasions, while others are never appropriate for a black-tie affair. Fortunately, this advice will assist you in avoiding any future fashion blunders.


The Top 8 Men's Dress Shoes in Singapore

The Top 8 Men's Dress Shoes in Singapore

Men’s dress shoes in Singapore have to be timeless and go with practically any kind of attire. Regardless of the style — formal, informal, or everything in between. It's usually a good idea to choose black formal shoes or brown dress shoes with a smooth leather or suede texture.


Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes

When choosing men’s formal shoes in Singapore, Oxford shoes are a smart place to start. They are leather shoes for men that can be worn practically everywhere because of how adaptable it is. They may be dressed down or up based on the colour and style.

The shoe became more popular among students at Oxford University in the 1800s. One's status at the moment was intended to be displayed.

The tight lacing, low heel, and extended toe make Oxford shoes for men the easiest to identify. The Cap Toe Oxford style, one of four available, is the most popular. The most popular occasions to wear this kind of shoe are formal events or work settings.


Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes

Oxford shoes and Derby shoes are frequently mistaken. Once you are aware of their distinctive traits, they are extremely different. In contrast to Oxford shoes for men, Derby shoes have an open lacing mechanism.

As a result, the vamp, which is the portion of the shoe that surrounds the feet, divides in two and requires lacing.

The broader, more comfy stitching renders this shoe more relaxed. The patterns made of smooth leather give every outfit a sophisticated appearance. The most adaptable choice is a basic Derby, which may be worn for both professional and informal occasions.


Chelsea Boots

These laceless boots have a simple, classic design. They were created in the 19th century, and their name, Chelsea, comes from where they first acquired notoriety in London. Since, they have been a timeless mainstay of men's capsule wardrobes.

Chelsea boots are generally composed of leather but can be seen in suede too. The contour of the boots is the greatest pulling factor.

The Chelsea boot is cut straight at the ankle to prevent spreading any thickness. The shoe's elastic side panel ensures a snug fit so that you may wear them all day.




Because there were several varieties of the shoe worn throughout numerous nations throughout history, the roots of the loafer are a little hazy. Moccasins, a type of shoe used by Native Americans, are comparable to loafers. A different version of the shoe was used by fishermen in northern Europe.

Nine distinct shoe designs make up the adaptable slip-on footwear known as loafers. Horsebit, kiltie, driving, slipper, boat shoes, bit loafer, and espadrilles are further sorts of loafers. Aldo Gucci created the bit loafer in the 1960s, which has a piece of metal across the vamp.

For formal clothing or weddings, tassel loafers for men are a popular choice. For a business casual men’s outlook, this type of footwear goes well with long trousers, chinos, or shorts.


Dress boots

Dress boots

Dress boots have been popular since the Victorian era and are still often worn now as a trendy alternative. Because of their high ankles, they are excellent shoes to wear throughout the chilly wintertime.

Dress boots are considered to be more informal footwear and should not be worn with suits or tuxedos. When worn casually, these boots look great with denim or trousers. They immediately give an otherwise plain clothing a touch of class.


Monk Straps

Monk Straps

European monks created the first monk straps in the fifteenth century. While labouring in the fields, they wore these shoes. Single, double, or triple buckled straps span the front of contemporary monk strap shoes.

A single strap shoe is the most professional of the group since it has less detail and a neater appearance. Compared to a loafer, this simple slip-on footwear can look more professional. You can wear monk strap shoes to formal occasions after polishing them with a small amount of shoe shine.


Chukka Boots

In the 1940s, informal clothing included chukka boots in the United Kingdom. The custom is still practised today, as boots are worn with both professional and informal dress. This comfy shoe may be worn with a wider range of outfits thanks to the open laces and ankle-length design.

Depending on the design you select, a chukka boot can be worn formally or casually. Due to the simplicity of the style, formal attire works best with a narrow shape.

The shoe will be more relaxed and informal if it has a thick sole. Both suede and leather versions of these well-liked men's boots look fantastic.


Opera Pumps

Opera Pumps are dressy slippers from the 19th century that were exclusively worn for special occasions. They often have a bow on top and are black in colour. Normally, black patent leather or quilted silk with a high gloss sheen is used to make the shoes.

These dress shoes would undoubtedly add class to any formal clothing, despite not being as fashionable as they were in the Victorian era. They are typical shoes for white tie events, but they may also be worn to black tie occasions.


Concluding Words

Every man's shoe rack must include a pair of dress shoes, which are a timeless need. You may seem instantly elegant with the proper watch, pocket handkerchief, shoes, and other accessories. Like Oxford shoes for men, many dress shoes may be worn in professional or informal settings. Some, like an Opera Pump, are only appropriate for wear on special occasions. The higher your sense of style, the more you'll understand about men’s dress shoes in Singapore.

These eight timeless men’s dress shoes in Singapore, whether you choose a simple toe or a more decorated form, will make any guy feel his best no matter what they wear.


Planning to invest in a fine pair of men’s dress shoes in Singapore? 

In conclusion, understanding the different types of men's dress shoes in Singapore is essential for anyone looking to dress well and make a good impression. Whether you're attending a formal event or a business meeting, the right pair of shoes can elevate your outfit and enhance your overall appearance.

From classic Derby and Oxford shoes for men to more contemporary monk straps and men’s loafers in Singapore, there are plenty of options to choose from. By considering your personal style, the occasion, and the level of formality required, you can select the perfect pair of men’s dress shoes in Singapore to suit your needs. With this knowledge in mind, you can confidently step out in style and make a statement wherever you go.

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