5 Ways to Style Your Oxford Shoes For Men

5 Ways to Style Your Oxford Shoes For Men

February 27, 2023 Blog

The Oxford is one of the most popular styles of men’s dress shoes in Singapore. The classy shoe trend has been giving clothes a handsome touch for decades and is still doing so now. Oxford shoes for men are as adaptable as they are classic, working for outfits ranging from the most formal to business casual for men. As a result, regardless of style, they are a necessary wardrobe component for all men. In this article, we go into further detail about this timeless shoe, its various iterations, and how to wear it.


How do Oxford shoes for men work?

How do Oxford shoes for men work?

Oxfords are known for their closed lacing. In contrast to the open stitching of Derby shoes, the eyelet tabs are sewed beneath the vamp, or the top of the shoe. The style was originally simple leather shoes, but it has drastically changed over time and now contains a wide variety of materials, embellishments, and varied designs appropriate for both smart casual and business use.


Brown Oxford shoes for men

Brown Oxford shoes for men

When worn with a grey, dark brown, or blue suit, brown leather shoes for men are the ideal choice. A brown Oxford is much more prominent when worn with these hues and will make you look good more aesthetically than wearing black.


Tan Oxford shoes for men

Tan Oxford shoes for men

Because of its dark and light shades, tan has emerged as a popular hue in men's shoes. Tan is also one of the easiest colours to style because it complements practically anything. Tan Oxford shoes for men are a great choice for a less formal style and go well with fitted blue pants, brightly coloured chinos, and denim pants.


Black Oxford shoes for men

Black Oxford shoes for men

Black Oxford shoes for men are the best colour to wear for business, and every man needs a pair in his closet. The most adaptable shoes a guy can own are probably a pair of black formal shoes, which can be worn with practically any colour for a dapper yet traditional look.


How to style your Oxford shoes for men



When worn for a formal event, oxford shoes must be in immaculate condition. Make sure they are fresh and devoid of blemishes and scrapes. An outdated pair of dress shoes may be made more vibrant with polish. The type of Oxford you select might affect the mood of your ensemble. Both eccentric and enjoyable outfits may be worn with men's oxford shoes, as well as classic and conservative ones.

The polished look of Oxford shoes makes them ideal for formal events and celebrations. They provide a stylish touch to clothes and go great with suits. Choose a pair of Oxfords in black patent leather to attain a very elegant look. Additionally, consider the breadth of the shoe. Generally speaking, slimmer Oxfords look dressier than wide ones.


Smart Casual 

Oxford shoes for men may be worn for a range of fine casual occasions, including lunches, parties, and more. Finding the ideal pair of pants is the first step in pulling off this outfit with Oxford shoes for men. Oxfords are great for men’s formal shoes in Singapore, therefore to complement their look, they need a pair of slacks that fits well. To achieve the required look, stylish jeans or chinos will be particularly effective. Then, round off your ensemble with a cosy yet stylish shirt.


Pants and Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes for men are a great option for footwear while wearing suit pants or trousers. This footwear goes great with formal attire because of its sleek and classy appearance. So, this footwear design is a great option whether you're going to a wedding, cocktail party, restaurant, or even to business. Just make sure your Oxfords are the appropriate type and colour to go with the pants you're wearing if you want to pull the look off.


Chinos and Oxford Shoes

Chinos with a set of Oxford footwear are the ideal mix of casual and stylish. To ensure that your chinos and Oxfords match, try to confine your clothing to neutral hues. Chinos in shades of sand, brown, black, and dark blue should all be worn with distinct Oxford shoe designs. You may dress up your Oxfords and chinos by wearing a button-down top with them. For a more laid-back, casual appearance, you could alternatively put on a plain shirt or a round-necked t-shirt.


Jeans and Oxford Shoes

Despite the fact that Oxfords are formal shoes, you may still wear them with jeans. If worn properly, Oxford shoes may really look quite attractive with a set of jeans. Consider the colour of your shoes and pants carefully if you want to pull off the appearance. Tan Oxfords can look quite stylish when worn with blue jeans, while brown or black styles look great with indigo or black denim. Also, be sure to pair your footwear with a button-up shirt or jacket on top to assure that your entire appearance is proper.


Concluding Words

Any fashionable man would do well to invest in a pair of Oxford shoes for men. They are the ultimate pick for suits, ensembles, and waistcoats since they are timeless and elegant. They may also be worn both semi-formally and smart-casually depending on the colour and style.


Planning to invest in a fine pair of Oxford shoes for men?  

In conclusion, Oxford shoes for men are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe, and with these five ways to style them, you'll be able to make the most out of your investment. Whether you choose to dress them up for a formal occasion, keep it casual with denim, or even incorporate them into a streetwear-inspired look, there are countless ways to wear this classic shoe.

So why not experiment with these styling tips and see how you can incorporate Oxford shoes for men into your own unique style? With a little creativity, you'll be able to create outfits that are both fashionable and functional, ensuring that your Oxfords will become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

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