5 Types of Men's Dress Shoes For Different Occasions

5 Types of Men's Dress Shoes For Different Occasions

March 01, 2023 Blog

The way you dress can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your dress shoes, especially in Singapore. It's important to keep in mind that not all types of leather shoes for men are suitable for every occasion, and it can be challenging to find a good pair of men’s formal shoes in Singapore.

Fortunately, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of various men’s dress shoes styles that can help you make informed decisions about your footwear choices. By understanding the different types of men’s dress shoes in Singapore, you'll be able to choose the perfect pair for any occasion and ensure that your shoes complement your outfit seamlessly.


Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes for men are known for their closed-lacing method. They are at the top of the dressy footwear classification. Along with cap toes and a tiny heel, it serves as one of this fashion's distinguishing characteristics. Your shoe will fit more snugly with closed lacing, giving it a very distinct form.

These men’s dress shoes may be used in almost any place. Any business suit would appear very professional on them, making them suitable for any meeting or workday.

Of course, if they are whole-cut formal Oxfords, you could also use them with a tux for a special occasion. However, there are various other, less official varieties and designs of men’s Oxford dress shoes. Black formal shoes such as black Oxfords are the best men’s dress shoes for formal events including anniversaries, memorials, and interviews. They will enhance the seriousness of your outfit and go best with a tux for a black-tie occasion or a black, blue, navy, or grey work outfit.

A single piece of calfskin is used to create simple, streamlined men’s dress shoes. They are appropriate for both the office and a fancy evening with a higher dress code. The formal scale of these men’s dress shoes is lowered by boguing. You may pair full brogues with tweed and other rustic textiles.


Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes

Oxfords and Derby shoes are remarkably similar, with one key distinction. Rather than closed lacing, this variation uses open lacing.

The openness of the shoe gives the impression that it is somewhat broader, which makes it seem less confining and comfier. Derbies are distinctive because the quarters are attached to the top of the vamp.

As a result, flaps are formed on either side of the dress shoe on distinct leather pieces that are facing one another. These flaps are passed through by the laces, who do not completely draw them together. The broader shoe is a result of this.

Even though they are less professional than Oxfords, black Derby shoes go well with dark business suits on a variety of occasions, including less formal events, afternoon conferences, seminars, etc. Albeit less glamorous, brown Derby shoes with an imprinted design on the top are nevertheless a good pick for work attire:

Other hues besides brown and black are likewise less traditional, but they'll work well if you intend to match these with clothing that's a little more informal.

Brown Derbies with brogue perforations are the best choice for business casual men’s attires and go well with semi-formal outfits as well.


Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap Shoes

Have you ever observed that some men's dress shoes have buckles rather than laces?   Between Oxfords and loafers for men on the formality scale are these distinctive dressier monk strap shoes.

Monk straps are most recognisable for their metal straps and saddle buckles. Sometimes broguing may be present.

These men’s dress shoes are unquestionably fashion statements. Your monk straps will become the centre of attention of your outfit no matter where you wear them since they stand out.

The stylish design, which has a strap across the top and a buckle (or two), may be paired with a variety of formal outfits for everything from a networking event to an evening out. For men looking for a refined design with more appeal than the typical Oxford or Derby, a well-liked shoe is a fantastic option. Just be sure to get a leather design with some shine to keep the appearance classy and appropriately slick.

Monk strap men's shoes go great with coordinated ensembles, less formal suits, and other casual attire. Double monk strap sneakers in two colours go beautifully with any casual outfit.


Single Monk Strap Shoes

One strap with a single clasp across the top of the foot in this particular monk strap design. The strap may thus be somewhat thin. On the outstep of the foot, very nearly at the apex of the shoes, it is secured.


Double Monk Strap Shoes

You guessed it, there are two straps and two buckles on this particular monk strap shoe. Here, the strap is exceptionally broad till it touches the foot's outside border.

At that moment, the strap splits into two shorter straps at the top and bottom. The second strap often sits significantly lower on the foot and is spaced similarly to a single monk strap shoe's top strap.




Loafers are laceless shoes that frequently have a moccasin-style design. The cosy slip-on shoe is ideal for giving formal attire a tastefully casual touch. Although they go with many other outfits, loafers look wonderful with blazers, particularly ones that are carried with flair.

For a distinct and stylish look, select from styles including traditional Penny loafers and leather tassel loafers. Nevertheless, a lavish pair of men’s loafers in Singapore can definitely create a lasting and positive first impression.


Dress Boots

Dress Boots

Boots don't have to be worn solely for practical purposes; they can also be fashionable. In fact, dress boots can incorporate stylish accents such as wingtip toes or broguing, which add to their overall appeal. So, next time you slip on a pair of boots, remember that they can be both functional and stylish, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Even though the majority of dress boot styles are in fact somewhat casual, wearing a quality pair with a suit could be appropriate.

Dress boots, as opposed to Chelsea boots, have laces that run the length of the front and end above the ankle. Due to their lengthy shaft, dress boots are simple to identify when you see these. Their slender silhouette gives your outfits a slight edge and exudes a subdued functional mood.

Dress boots look sleek in leather shades of black or brown and therefore will offer more than enough intrigue to your ensemble. They are ideal for pairing with both informal and chic leisure attires.


Planning to invest in a fine pair of men’s dress shoes?

Planning to invest in a fine pair of men’s dress shoes?

In conclusion, owning a few different types of men's dress shoes is essential for any modern man's wardrobe. Whether you're attending a formal event or just want to dress up for a night out, having the right pair of men’s dress shoes can make all the difference. From the classic Oxford to the stylish monk strap, there are a variety of dress shoe styles to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits.

By investing in a few different pairs of men’s dress shoes, you'll be prepared for any occasion and can step out in style no matter where you go. So, choose your shoes wisely and enjoy looking and feeling your best!

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