3 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Men's Oxford Dress Shoes

3 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Men's Oxford Dress Shoes

February 28, 2023 Blog

For men, taking control of your clothing requires time and work. The first steps to genuinely adopting your particular style include knowing what suit to wear for whatever event, how to get your tie the right length, and which pocket square to select.

However, your ensemble is doomed without a firm grasp of your shoes. And the reason is that despite their importance in finishing a look, shoes are frequently disregarded. To that end, let us present you with one of the most elegant leather shoes for men — Oxfords.


About men's Oxford dress shoes

The Oxford is by far the most familiar kind of men’s formal shoes in Singapore. They are ageless and legendary, date back to the 1850s, and got their name from being well-liked by students at the esteemed Oxford University.

Men's Oxford dress shoes may be worn up or down, similar to loafers for men. They feature a slender profile that closely resembles the shape of the foot, giving them a sleek appearance.


Key Characteristics of men's Oxford dress shoes

So, how may oxford shoes for men be distinguished? Examine the laces. Oxford shoes have a closed lacing pattern, which makes them very simple to recognize.

But if you don't know anything about shoes, you can be confused about what closed lacing really entails. Now, let's take a quick look at the structure of an Oxford shoe in order to better understand what closed lacing is.

There are a few phrases you'll need to know while examining the finer points of any footwear, including:



The area of the shoes that surrounds the foot at the top, to put it plainly.



The region of an upper that extends from the midfoot to the forefront of the shoe.



The area of a shoe that extends from the midsole to the heel.


Derby vs Oxford

When using a closed-laced array, you will notice that the shoe flaps extend at the front but not at the bottom. Rather, a modest v-shaped flow is created by the flaps as they enter the shoe's body.

Oxfords and Derby shoes, which are sometimes confused with one another, are distinguished by their lacing patterns. Derby shoes, on the other hand, have an open lacing system with flaps that open at the top and bottom and fasten to the shoe's core on the edges.


Reasons why you need a Pair of men's Oxford dress shoes


Oxfords in black are quite adaptable

What is the earliest, greatest, and clearest advantage of having a pair of Oxfords? Inherent adaptability of the fashion. And no colour provides more versatility or added functionality than black formal shoes. Therefore, a black pair of these closed-laced men's Oxford dress shoes will waltz boldly into any area of your closet, whether you're wearing a patterned blazer or simply smart slacks.


The straightforward design allows you to express yourself freely

Of course, you're not required to keep with just black. While keeping the aesthetic of your Oxfords straightforward may have advantages, the generally unadorned style may also encourage unique, quirky additions. Men's oxford dress shoes may be compared to a blank slate; it is tried, tested, and humble, yet it is filled with possibilities for making statements and high-stepping.


A well-made, high-quality Oxford may last a lifetime

But why should you purchase a pair of men's Oxford dress shoes in the first place? Oxford shoes will last a very long time. Additionally, you may spend more upfront with the certainty that your shoes will last owing to features like sewn walnut wood leather bottoms and rubber-studded heels.


The ideal pair of Oxfords to add to your collection

Are you sure you need a pair of men's Oxford dress shoes now that you've learned about the many styles? You're in luck, I suppose. We've done some of the legwork for you and have a few pairs of shoes that will live up to and maybe even beyond your expectations.

Make it worthwhile and choose the finest if this is your first investment in high-quality shoes.


Classic Oxford Edward

Classic Oxford Edward

Edward, a classic made elegant plain-toe Oxford, is carefully hand-dyed and polished to achieve a beautiful, rich patina on full-grain leather, giving a modern twist to a classic style. Designed with a closed 5-eyelet lacing, lined with soft top grain leather and double layer latex foam insole giving superior comfort.


Wholecut Oxford Anderson

Wholecut Oxford Anderson

Anderson, is a remarkable Wholecut Oxford re-imagined for the contemporary wardrobe. The beauty of its minimalistic and Adelaide’s style perforations around the 3-eyelet lacing finished with hand-dyed and polished beautiful, rich patina on full grain leather giving a refined touch and modern elegance. Lined with soft top-grain leather and double-layer latex foam insole giving superior comfort.


Classic Captoe Oxford Phillip

Classic Captoe Oxford Phillip

Phillip, a handcrafted classic, elegant quarter brogue Oxford in full grain leather. It features a soft chiseled almond cap toe with single-line broguing. Hand-dyed to create a beautiful, rich patina. Lined with soft top grain leather with double layer latex foam insole giving superior comfort.


Whole-Cut Oxford Stamford

Whole-Cut Oxford Stamford

Stamford wholecut oxford should easily be your most formal and sharpest pair of men’s dress shoes in Singapore. Handcrafted from a single piece of leather, this wholecut oxford features a semi-brogue at its soft chisel Almond toe. Hand-dyed to create beautiful, rich patinas in Italian full-grain leather. Lined with soft top grain leather with double layer latex foam insole giving superior comfort.


Concluding Words

Any fashionable man would do well to invest in a pair of men's Oxford dress shoes. They are the ultimate pick for suits, ensembles, and waistcoats since they are timeless and elegant. They may also be worn for both semi-formal and business casual men’s outfits depending on the colour and style.


Planning to invest in a fine pair of men's Oxford dress shoes?

In conclusion, men's Oxford dress shoes are a timeless and essential addition to any man's wardrobe. With their classic design and versatility, they can be worn for a wide range of occasions, from formal events to more casual outings. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, Oxford shoes also offer practical benefits such as comfort, durability, and support for your feet.

Whether you're dressing up for a job interview, attending a wedding, or simply looking to elevate your everyday style, a pair of Oxford shoes can help you look and feel your best. So if you haven't already, consider adding a pair of Oxfords to your shoe collection and experience the many benefits they have to offer.

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